We may be ninjas, but sometimes uh-ohs happen!


If a problem with your order slips by our highly trained quality ninja control squad, let us know!  Please include pics of the issue and we will evaluate it for reprints.


Please double, triple, quadruple check your proofs before selecting approve!  We can not offer reprints if the problem is something that you have approved.


The proof process is the last step to make sure everything looks great before we print. Did you spell check all your text? Are you happy with the cutlines?


If color matching is very important to your print, we HIGHLY encourage you to order test prints before making a large order.  This suggestion will also be listed on the proof approval process as well.

Please be mindful that the print world does not always translate to what you view on the screen. Your image may print out lighter or darker. The colors may not 100% match. We try our hardest to ensure that your stickers are going to look as good as possible and offer one of the best color matching printers on the market. We know it can be frustrating to have your artwork come out looking different than what you had envisioned so please consider a test run!


Here are some fun facts about our return policy:


-All sales are final.


-Please contact us within 4 days of receiving your order.


-If there is a problem we will absolutely fast track your order.


Please remember, we are a small staff (like super small) and 100% real humans so please be kind and courteous.


Need to contact us? Reach out!



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