“The Cosmic Messenger” installation

“The Cosmic Messenger” is available for purchase in the Portland area. Additional transportation cost for delivery outside the area apply.

About the creature:   Miki’s “The Cosmic Messenger” is a life size Pegasus unicorn, the body is built out of steel, and mosaic glass is placed in the areas of the horse’s chakras so that she lights up from the inside and out. The steel is painted with chalkboard paint so that people can interact with it and write messages to one another. There are lights both inside the horse and on the outside so that she lights up the night. The way the lightning is done, she ripples rainbows that give the effect of her breathing.

About the artist: Miki Masuhara-Page is a young female native Hawaiian artist that loves to create creatures from the fantasy world.  She loves interactive playful art that appeals to all different ages and brings smiles to peoples faces.  Miki likes to use mixed mediums and make things that seem to bring dreams into a tangible reality.

Specs: 9.5′ tall, 9′ long, and 7′ wide.

Weighs ~500 lbs.

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