Earth Day Sticker Pack

We love our planet. It’s full of wonder and beauty. It provides for us, and in return, we believe we should take care of it. For Earth Day this year, we are collaborating with many different artists who love this planet as much as we do. We are putting together this sticker pack with Earth related stickers in hopes that they will inspire and remind us to treat the planet with respect. Not only is Earth our home, but we share it with millions of other species, many of which rely on us to help maintain the balance of nature.


All the proceeds from these pack will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund where it is their mission to help facilitate environmental stewardship. More information about their mission can be found on their website here. This non-profit rates very highly on Charity Navigator. It’s important to us to make sure our donations are being well spent.


This sticker pack is currently pre-order and will officially launch April 22nd, 2019. 

The sticker pack contains 11 different stickers! A mix between glossy, matte, and clear stickers, around 3″.


Please select the donation amount you’d like to give below. The donation amount is per pack, but you are welcome to order multiple packs!
We are offering free shipping with this pack with code “EarthDayShip”. Please use at check out.




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