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Published October 9, 2020

Written By
elena escobedo

Hello sticker friends! As many of you know, we’ve been slammed making stickers for y’all. Like, absolutely slammed. It is insane. Y’all are out here supporting our service, and us as human beings. We really appreciate all the love, vibes, passion, and interesting as fuck artwork that you send our way. Especially with what the last six months has looked like. From the bottom of our heart’s, THANK YOU. Thank you so much for absolutely changing our lives and we are trying our hardest to do the same for others. We literally have 11 total people helping run Sticker Ninja now. That is so many people from when it just started with one, then two, then three people doing it all. We love this opportunity to give vibey people a job, and healthcare, and hopefully a cool life experience to work at a sticker printing business?? Our hope is that our business can offer some sort of stability and light in this chaotic world. We hope you all resonate with that.

With that being said, Capitalism comes at a price. It’s like this ever-consuming beast that puts you on a slippery slope of forever growing, and growing, and growing. I think we’ve seen enough examples of where that goes. There has to be a balance between keeping your business in a position where you can support your employees but also not stress them all out with processing a thousand jobs at once. Getting to be too large of a business also looks like a dip in a quality product and we really care about producing quality stickers. It’s the whole reason we started doing stickers. We really really care lol 

This is a really weird thing for a internet-based business to do, but we made the decision to close our website down on Sundays. Being able to buy things 24/7 on the Internet ends up putting a strain on somebody doing the behind-the-scenes work (sup, Amazon), and it feels right to not put that on our employees. We want to be able to maintain a small business feel, because we *are* a small business. We’re based out of Portland, OR and have a small crew handling everything. Our intention is quality over quantity and we want to be able to connect with you all on a more personal touch. We love processing all your artwork, and reading your nice Order Notes, or geeking out over specialty stickers fresh off the cutter.

We hope you continue to support us with this decision. You just gotta wait until Mondays, sometimes <3  We strongly feel that Capitalism needs to be done in a different way if we want to change things. So we out here trying to do a Thing.

Love you all!! Thanks for changing our lives, especially during these dark times.

Love, Sticker Ninja fam




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